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Nutrition for NETs

Preparing Healthy Food

  • Diarrhoea or constipation

  • Loss of appetite and weight loss

  • Weight gain

  • Nausea and vomiting

Dietary management is a suggested way to ease symptoms. A registered dietitian can help you make changes to your diet to manage these symptoms.

Each person's NET diagnosis and experience can be different, therefore the nutritional recommendations vary. Some common nutrition related issues are: 

Neuroendocrine Cancer Nutrition Toolkit

This nutrition toolkit was developed to assist patients with NETs to self manage symptoms, and urinary tests at home.

This guide is intended to provide patients with general nutrition tips. For more personalised nutrition advice please contact a dietitian.

Click on the tip sheets below for nutrition tips.

Special thanks to Kelsey Paterson, Olivia Cochrane and the University of Otago for their research and this resulting toolkit.

Food and Symptom Diary

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your nutrition keep a food and symptom diary to identify foods that trigger symptoms. We have created a template for you to download and print to record your diet for easy reference. It is recommended that your diary is kept for at least 2 weeks. Seek advice from a healthcare professional with this information. 


Zoom-In with Olivia

Every 2 months Olivia hosts an online session where she directs her nutritional information talk around your questions. 

Check our Zoom-In page for the next session! 

Olivia  asset (1).png

Receiving the news that you have NET cancer can be worrying and overwhelming. Often reaching out to others who are going through, or have been through similar situations can be comforting. Neuroendocrine Cancer NZ has a community of Unicorns who are supportive and often happy to connect over a phone call, email or even coffee. Check out the various ways you can engage with others in our NZ NET Cancer community, or contact one of our NET Information Managers if you have a specific enquiry. 

Newly Diagnosed?

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