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Are you one of our new NET nurses?

Neuroendocrine Cancer New Zealand is a national charity focusing on supporting patients living with neuroendocrine cancer. Our vision is for all New Zealand patients to have access to care that meets international standards of excellence.


Our three goals are:

  • Support near you, when you need it: A network of nurses in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin.

  • Knowledge at your fingertips: A one-stop shop information hub to demystify NETs for patients and health care professionals.

  • Treatments to extend lives: Bringing the best new treatments to New Zealand by attracting clinical trials and applying to Pharmac for funding.


We’re seeking nurses with a passion for the complexities of neuroendocrine cancer to join our team. We want to build a network of nurses around New Zealand so our patients have a local expert in their region. We’re starting to build our nurse network in Christchurch (for South Island support), and Wellington (for lower North Island support) so we’re looking for nurses in those two areas who want the chance to do more for patients with neuroendocrine cancer. However, we are planning to grow so if you’re a keen nurse outside Christchurch or Wellington, we also want to hear from you.


We'd love to hear from anyone potentially interested in joining our team, so please get in touch today for a confidential chat with Michelle on 027 434 0926 or  Click the button below to download a copy of the job description.

We'd also be very grateful if our patient community could help us in alerting the wonderful nurses involved in your care to this opportunity.

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