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Patient Stories

Every patient's NET journey and circumstances are different. Thank you to these patients who have shared snippets of their experiences. 

Chris Bailey

Chris's NET cancer experience has created more upsides to his life than downsides.

Bryan and Sharlene Beecher

"You have something suspicious in your Terminal Ilium and we will keep an eye on you”.

Dave's NET Story - Part 2

It's been 7 years since Part 1. Read about where Dave is at today.

Dave's Story

"I am no longer dying of cancer. Instead I am living with cancer." Click to read Dave's NET story.

Siobhan's NET story

"I have had several surgeries to remove tumours." Click to read Unicorn Foundation NZ's Founder, Siobhan Conroy's NET story.

Jenny's NET Story

"We don’t call it rare these days as 1 person is diagnosed every day in New Zealand." Click to read Jenny's NET story.

Peter's NET Story

Merkel Cell Carcinoma - Click to read Peter's NET Story

Ass. Prof  Malcolm Legget

"I will never forget the day I was diagnosed with a pancreatic NET the size of a golf ball." Click to read Dr Malcolm Legget's NET story.

Lynette's NET Story

"We were not prepared for this." Click to read Lynette's NET story.


"I refuse to allow this cancer to dominate my life though some days it is difficult." Click to read Suzanne's NET story.

Chris' NET Journey - July 2020

John's NET Journey - July 2020

If you have a story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you.

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